As a member of a Founder’s Best Friend, several things are typically expected of you:

  1. Active Participation: You are expected to attend meetings regularly and participate actively in discussions. Member engagement includes sharing your insights, experiences, and challenges.
  2. Contribution: You're expected to contribute your own knowledge and expertise to the group. The value of a mastermind group lies in the collective wisdom of its members.
  3. Confidentiality: Respect for confidentiality is crucial in a mastermind group. Members often share sensitive information about their businesses, so it's essential to maintain trust within the group.
  4. Support Others: A crucial part of being in a mastermind group is supporting other members. This could involve providing feedback, sharing resources, or offering encouragement.
  5. Accountability: Mastermind groups often involve setting personal goals and commitments. As a member, you're expected to follow through on these and hold others accountable.
  6. Openness: Being open to receiving feedback and new ideas is essential. The goal of a mastermind group is mutual growth and learning, which requires an open mind.
  7. Respect: Each member should respect the views and opinions of others in the group. A respectful environment fosters more effective communication and collaboration.
  8. Commitment: Lastly, a long-term commitment to the group is often expected. The benefits of a mastermind group tend to compound over time, so it's most effective when members stick around for the long haul.

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