How we took a personal startup from 0 to 1 by productizing their expertise.

We productized and monetized Ryan’s expertise and knowledge into a true business solution.

Project Timeline

2020 - 2021


Increased ROI revenue




Project Overview

Here’s mission is to help you understand, realize, and optimize what your physical location means for healthspan, wellspan, lifespan, and purpose. 

Client Background:

Ryan Frederick, the founder of Here, wrote a book titled, Right Place, Right Time,  on the topic of physical location and its effects on you. However, he did not have line of sight on what would occur after the book or how to monetize his expertise beyond his existing B2B consulting practice. 


During and after writing this book, Ryan struggled with moving his expertise into a scalable, dynamic model that would serve families around the world rather than just large real estate investment groups, government agencies, etc.

Project Execution

Our objective was to take Ryan Frederick, his recently rebranded platform Here, and his expertise and help him to productize his objective. 

Our Approach:

  1. Defined the audience's critical path for Here
  2. Develop a primary offering with 3 possible levels of engagement with escalating price points. 
  3. Map offerings to the first two steps in the ThriveSide architecture framework (Existential and Discovery)
  4. Articulate the impact and benefit to the audience for these offerings while tieing these offerings to value


  • Laid out key deliverables tied to Impact, Benefit and Value at each level
  • Set success metrics for validation of offering levels
  • Consulted on how to effectively take the offerings to market, settling on partnering with Financial Advisors to offer extreme value to their clients


Here currently has a primary offering to build the business with three levels of the sales funnel: free assessment, paid workshop, and paid multi-week cohort plus guided digital course.

Here is currently validating this offering with several wealth management companies while also testing pricing models.

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